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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  March 18, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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about xeljanz. 3 3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather) 3
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3 new this morning...four people are staying with family members after a fire forced them from their home.crews were called to a home on rossmore avenue in fort thomas just after 11 last night.they say the fire started outside, then climbed the siding up to the second floor.four people live there, but three were home at the time.they all got out safely.the fire department says it has determined the cause, but has not released it yet. 3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...a year-long mystery, solved ...the feds say they now know who took shots at great american tower ... march madness is in full effect ...a look at u-k's big win, and what's ahead for u-c and xavier're watching
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break one3 3 now at four-30 ...underwater investigation ...when we expect to learn more about a crash that caused a vehicle to plunge into the ohio river. 3 the fight for a spot in the final four is now underway .... one of our local teams is one step closer as two others get ready to hit the hardwood. 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check
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3 we have a local breaking news alert from mount airy.that's where police are investigating after a van plowed into an
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in the 1700-hundred block of west fork road less than an hour ago.police are looking for a silver van that took off from the one was hurt. no one was hurt. 3 for more than a year, investigators, and quite frankly all of us in the tri- state, have been baffled by a mystery.but this morning, it appears to be solved.the feds say they know who fired shots at cincinnati's tallest building. a federal grand jury indicted rayshawn herald.. he's charged with possession of the gun .. believed to have been used in the shootings at the great american tower at queen city square. the 660- foot building was the target of gunfire four times in january of last year. windows were shattered.. but no one was hurt. 3 police also rayshawn herald was involved in another high- profile shooting in the city last year. they say that's him in this video.. firing at a car in walnut hills. officers say he exchanged bullets with another man outside the shell station on reading road last may. one of those bullets hit a metro
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through the gas station. in both of these cases.. herald wasn't supposed to have a gun because of a previous conviction. we don't know any motive for the great american tower shooting. we expect to learn new details at a news conference later today. 3 more information is also expected today about that vehicle sitting at the bottom of the ohio river. we do know that it's likely a red pontiac vibe that took a nose dive off the combs hehl bridge tuesday. searchers reached that conclusion after recovering a red bumper belonging to that type of vehicle. the swift current has prevented divers from going back down to the vehicle.. it's still not clear how many people were in it. a news conference is expected to start at two this afternoon.. we'll stream it live on local12-dot-com. 3 time/ more local news ...the university of kentucky dominated the court in their first game of march madness, bringing an early end to stony brook's post-season.the wildcats had a 33-19 lead over the seawolves at halftime last
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u-k winning 85 to 57.kentucky will continue its rivaly with the indiana hoosiers tomorrow for a trip to the sweet 16. tipoff is at five-15 right here on local12. 3 xavier is gearing up for its first-round game tonight.the musketeers will take on weber state.local12's brad steinke takes a look at how the team is preparing ... 3 outcue: brad steinke local12
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3 local12 sports. 3 tonight's game between xavier and weber state starts at nine- 20.the u-c bearcats will also hit the court in their first game of the n-c-double-a tournament tonight.head coach mick cronin and his team will take on the saint joseph's hawks ...local12's aly cohen shares why tonight's game means so much to one bearcat ...
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starts at nine-57.(ad lib) 3 3 in more local news ... you can grab a tasty fish sandwich for lunch and help out a worthy cause.every week in lent, bill brooks of brooks flooring fries up a couple of hundred pounds of cod, volunteers dish it up with sides at the showroom on dixie highway in fort wright.each week, a different charity benefits. this week it's the diocsesan children's home of northern kentucky.the fish fry goes from 11 to 1 today. 3 time/temp ... 3 teaming up against trump ... how people in both parties are trying to take him down ... plus ...the feds share more information about a campus
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what we're learning about the suspect, next, on good morning
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break two 3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 covering 3 world news now ...tensions remain high between north and south korea after the north
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the sea ...south korea's joint chiefs of staff says it flew about 500 miles before it crashed off the east coast.the launch comes days after kim jong un ordered tests of a nuclear warhead, and ballistic missiles capable of carrying warheads.north korea has said it carried out a simulated test of technology it needs to develop a long-range nuclear missile.. and claims it had one safely to the atmosphere 3 covering america now ...we're learning more about isis- inspired stabbings at the university of california, merced ...agents say 18-year old faisal mohammad planned a november attack at least one week before carrying it out.he hurt four fellow students before being killed by a campus police officer.the f-b-i says it found isis propaganda on mohammad's laptop.. and evidence that he had visited the terror group's website.investigators say he acted alone. 3 now to the latest on efforts to replaceme the late justice antonin scalia ...president obama nominated merrick garland to the supreme court.
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some bridges on capitol hill. he met yesterday with democratic senators, and attended a meeting with democratic leader harry reid. meanwhile, a handful of republicans are open to meeting with garland, but others made it clear they won't consider a replacement for scalia until the next president takes office in january. 3 turning to campaign 2016 ... bernie sanders is conceding defeat to hillary clinton in missouri's democratic primary. sanders say he won't seek a recount of the results, and that they'll unlikely affect the awarding of delegates in the state.clinton has a narrow lead of 1,531 votes, but under state law, sanders could have asked for a recount because the margin was less than one- half of one percent.clinton will get an extra two delegates from missouri for winning the statewide vote.the republican race in missouri remains too close to call between donald trump and ted cruz. 3 right now .. people in both parties are plotting against the billionaire frontrunner. marco rubio went after donald
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since suspending his presidential campaign.he says a trump nomimation would fracture the party.senator lindsey graham now says he'll endorse ted cruz if it means stopping trump.he said in the past he'd rather be shot or poisoned that endorse cruz or trump..meantime.. the leaders of nearly two dozen liberal groups are signing a letter urging the party to unite against trump.trump needs more than half of the remaining gop delegates.. to have enough to clinch the nomination. 3 time/temp ...time/temp ... community support people are coming together to back a local daughter who's trying to save her mother's ...if ted cruz doesn't end up in the white house, maybe he can fill in as one band's frontman ...we'll introduce you to cruz's heavy-metal singing twin ... next, on good morning
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break three3 several local kroger locations are looking for workers ... there's a kroger job fair to fill positions at eight stores. human resource managers will be there to hire cashiers, baggers, and more at stores including amelia, anderson, and cherry's job fair is happening from noon to four at ohio means jobs clermont county on old state route 74. 3 the public library of cincinnati is looking for people who want to help make a difference in their's looking for people between 12 and 18-years- old to help customers register for the summer reading program. volunteers are needed from
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and the library wants to find assistants to help set up, clean up, and interact with kids during the summer feeding program.volunteers are needed monday through friday from june sixth to august fifth.we have a link with more information at local-12- dot-com. 3 a daughter from butler county is trying to save her mothers life.and she's getting a lot of support -- from her entire school.local12's liz bonis has this heartwarming mother- daughter story. 3 {**pkg **{** tease 8:18: 05** {** vo ** shelby mcnabb is a cosmotology student --who has look,,and feel better.{** sot **< shelbie mcnabb/ daughter 8:08: 45 i just like boosting people's confidence,,stuff like that.>{** vo **so imagine her sadness, when the one person she wants most in the world to help feel better --her mom,, who she invited to class today -- she can't help at all.{** sot**{** vo ** iga nephropathy slowly shuts down the kidneys filtration rate.three days a week shelby's mom connie is on
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kidneys.. .{** sot **< 8:09: 25 i know that it keeps her alive..but it's just hard to watch her be always so sick after>{** vo**connies only path to recovery,,is a kidney donor. shelby's not old enough to be a donor. when staff members noticed shelby's sadness about finding one -- they decided they would would help.{** sot **< 8:10: 30 marla scully/ butler tech instructor reporter says : it sounds like the whole school got behind this? we really did.>{** use tease for vo and back time ??**they started with yard signs that looked like this -- which they let me use for this story{** nat sot from tease **]< 8:18: 10 i told em we had to do a tease for tv..and they thought we meant a hair tease--ha ha.> {** vo ** that got this creative team thinkin however -- thinking big!{**sot **< 8:11: 44 i said hey can we use the marquee that's a huge yard sign?>{** vo **sure this.. for the whole world to see - - what this sign really says to shelby --{** sot**< 8;12:17 we care,, we will do what it takes for them to be successful and that means their family, and so when they are having problems..we are
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**it's a coloful message -- from a team that knows a thing or two about color --{** nat sot **< 8;16: 30 it shouldnt already brought a handful of potential donors for connie --but so far no now -- to the other message here {** sot **< 8;12:07 we're {** sot **< 8:0943 i just think it's so cool that care so much about somebody.> {** sot **< 8:07: 59 it's all in gods timing,it is.> 3 liz bonis reporting.if you or someone you love might be willing to be tested to be a kidney donor, even if you don't match connie, you can still be in the registry to help somone. the number to call is 513-309-5228we'll continue to follow this story and let you know if we hear good news. 3 now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert.
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3 so.. apparently a lot of people think a popular singer presidential candidate ted cruz.cnn's jeanne moos talked to cruz's "twin." 3 they don't have much in common... the lead singer for a heavy metal band and ted cruz. or do they?(michael sweet lead singer) "i don't really see the resemblance." but the internet sure does. so michael sweet, front man for the band stryper, surrendered to popular demand and tweeted "i guess my doppelganger is ted cruz? guess i better cancel the stryper tour so i can focus on my campaign."the photo cruz resembles is of michael back when he was 22. the two do share the same religion. stryper is a
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michael is now joking about his cruz connection.(michael sweet lead singer) "i really am ted cruz and i have very big hands " in the 80's people mistook him for boy george. and now they ask... (michael sweet/lead singer) "if i'm billy ray cyrus, i get that all the time. never ted cruz."he says he tends to vote republican but is still undecided.(jeanne moos/reporting) "this is not the first time that cruz has been accused of being a twin." opponents joke that cruz is actually the zodiac killer or even...grandpa munster.cruz admits he can't sing, but he calls his wife and serenades her anyway.(sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate) "i just called to say i love you." michael suggests one of the band's classics could serve as the cruz campaign song, with rival donald trump in mind... (concert) " hell with the devil."but for the debatable doppelgangers we suggest....(music video)
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jeanne moos, cnn, new york. 3 (ad lib) 3 time/temp is awkward moments day share yours on the local12 facebook page mom gets to work after a scary situation while out on a run her creation is giving women some peace of mind ...ahead at five on good morning cincinnati.
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break four3 3 it's awkward
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moments that's what we're talking about on our facebook page ...we want to know your most awkward moment. 3 3 3 3
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3 to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at five.our homes are supposed to be our safe place. we'll tell you why that's not the case for some people in butler county. 3 a local business owner is on a roll. i'll introduce you to the woman behind *truckshop* - next. 3 plus, opening day is just 17 days away!we'll tell you when you can get your tickets to the reds game. 3 good 3
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stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your forecast. here's meterologist 3 3


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